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Время работы:
Понедельник 5:00 – 6:00
Вторник не работает
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Обо мне: Dont ask me to remove my mask I only do in Pvt, never try to be rude to me
Меня возбуждает: 1-when someone eating my boobies
2-pussy licking and fingering
3-dirty talks and bad words
4-nipples squeezing
5-when someone jerking on me
6-when someone pays me for sex it gets me horny
7-when i do blowjob and balls sucking
8-guys with big rounded butt
9-when someone treats me in a special way ^_^
10-slowly touching and romantic kisses
11-tongue kisses and french kisses
*fav positions: when i am on top riding him and doggy
12- generous men

Мне не нравится: 1-Biggest turn off is a man who is self-centered and self-focused
2-When a guy pushes my head down without asking if I’m into that
3- Going too fast. Rushing foreplay, or even worse, skipping it entirely is the master sin of sex.
4-Bad hygiene
5-Going down to pussy for too long or not long enough!!
6-Bragging about how good you are before anything happens
7- rude men

Ориентация: Бисексуал
Возраст: 21
Рост: 5' - 5'3" [150см - 160см]
Вес: 140 - 160 фунтов [60 - 70 кг]
Цвет волос: Тёмные
Цвет глаз: Карие
Интимная стрижка: Бритая
Грудь: Огромные
Язык: Арабский, Английский