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Обо мне: Hi, my name is Adelin, Im 25 years old, I like dancing, singing
Меня возбуждает: Hi, my name is Adelin, Im 25 years old, I like dancing, singing, walking around the city, visiting museums, exhibitions, theaters, concerts, reading books and having fun, I actively study English, a very romantic person and too trusting, I have almost no friends in real life, but Ive found many here online, its very easy to find a common language with me on almost any topic, Im ready to keep up the conversation, its enough not to be rude to me and then we will make friends, Im an exhibitionist and I like when they look at me, Ill also love to play with you and you can yell spend all your fantasies with me
Мне не нравится: You can use rudeness with me only in private chat. Be polite to all guests of this chat and to me
Ориентация: Бисексуал
Возраст: 25
Рост: 5'7" - 5'9" [170см - 175см]
Вес: 140 - 160 фунтов [60 - 70 кг]
Цвет волос: Тёмные
Цвет глаз: Карие
Интимная стрижка: Бритая
Грудь: Большая
Язык: Английский, Русский